Biplab Demanded the Opening of the Border Market, Tripura’s MP was Criticized for the Death March Due to Poisoned Liquor in Bihar


Besides raising the issue of Tripura in the Parliament session, MP Biplab Kumar Deb also criticized the death march in Bihar. In the Rajya Sabha today, he demanded a discussion on the issue of death march due to poisoning and alcohol in Bihar.

Incidentally, MP Biplab Kumar Deb demanded the reopening of border haats in Kamalasagar and Srinagar in South Tripura district, which were closed due to the Covid situation. Besides that, he also demanded the speedy implementation of the proposed border huts. The most significant event is that in the past days the MPs of Tripura have been making demands in the Parliament on issues related to the state’s interest which was almost a much awaited issue. But today Biplab Kumar Deb is busy talking about the achievements of the state and various sensitive issues of the country.

On this day Shri Dev said, these border huts were the center of tourist attraction and the source of livelihood of many people. Local shopkeepers of both countries used to come here and sell their local products. People of both countries used to buy products according to the prescribed rules. However, after the normalization of the Covid situation, border haats under Meghalaya have been opened, but these two border haats in Tripura have not been opened. He claimed that in this regard, the Department of Industry of the Government of Tripura has written to the relevant Ministry of the Central Government and requested to take necessary steps in consultation with the Government of Bangladesh.

According to him, there is a joint border hut committee to look at the activities of the border hut. Where the respective district officials of the two countries are associated with it. Although interested in opening the border haat in Tripura, there was no response from the Bangladesh administration. Even that country has not given any reason for not opening border haat. It is affecting the livelihood of many local people. Therefore, he drew the attention of the Ministry of Industry to quickly discuss and take necessary measures in this regard. At the same time, Biplab Kumar Deb also demanded for the speedy start of border haat work in Kamalpur and Dharmanagar.

Meanwhile, MP Biplab Kumar Deb raised the tone in Parliament regarding the death march in Bihar due to consumption of poisonous liquor. On this day, he drew the attention of the Rajya Sabha and criticized the role of the Nitish Kumar government. According to him, many poor people have died after drinking poisoned liquor. He appealed to look into the matter very seriously. On this day, most of the members present in the parliament also raised their voice in protest against this incident with Sri Dev.

Biplab Kumar Dev wrote on social media that illegal toxic liquor factories have been established across the state with the indirect connivance of the Bihar government, which claims to ban liquor. Bishamed death march is an example of extreme failure of Nitish Kumar government.

It should be noted that about 40 people have died in Bisham in Bihar’s Sarana. The BJP has been constantly attacking Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inside and outside Parliament on this issue. On the other hand, Nitish Kumar claimed that people should be careful if they play Bisham. His speech has caused more criticism across the country. In Nitish Kumar’s liquor-ban state Bihar, a large number of people have died, and many are in critical condition. Bishamad has also died in Bihar before.