“Biplab Kumar Deb Takes the Lead in IIT Council, Paving the Way for NE’s Technical Education Future”


Former Chief Minister and incumbent Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb recently attended the 55th meeting of the IIT Council in Bhubaneswar, under the chairmanship of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. Deb, who is the first person from Tripura to occupy this post, discussed crucial issues to strengthen the role of IITs in line with the revised National Education Policy and Prime Minister’s guidelines. As the sole representative from the North Eastern region, Deb’s active participation in the council is expected to open doors for opportunities in the field of technical and higher education in Tripura and the NE region.

Deb’s commitment to quality education is evident from his past achievements, including the establishment of IIIT with a 100% placement record for the first batch, introduction of the NCERT curriculum, conversion of 125 schools to CBSE under the Vidyajyoti scheme, and the construction of North East’s first Forensic University in Tripura. His recent election as a council member of the Institute of Technology from Rajya Sabha is a prestigious and important achievement, further highlighting his dedication to shaping the future of technical education in the region.

The IIT Council meeting saw important decisions being taken, and Deb’s active participation is expected to bring positive outcomes for Tripura and the NE region. With his leadership and vision, Tripura’s prospects in the field of technical and higher education are bright, and his contributions are a matter of pride for the state and the entire North East.



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