BJP Accused of Voter Intimidation in Tripura’s West Parliamentary Polls


Sudip Roy Barman, a former Minister and MLA from the Congress party, has come forward with serious allegations against BJP-affiliated individuals for voter intimidation and obstruction during the first phase of the West Parliamentary election in Tripura.

Barman criticized the Civil and Police administration for failing to address the reported voter intimidation and obstruction by BJP-affiliated groups. He shared his own voting experience, highlighting that a significant number of voters were prevented from reaching polling stations.

Reports have surfaced of physical assaults on voters and the expulsion of opposition polling agents from booths. Barman pointed out the organized nature of these disruptions, mentioning the involvement of outsiders in carrying out acts of intimidation.

While acknowledging the Chief Electoral Officer’s efforts in curbing fake voting, Barman expressed concern over the broader atmosphere of coercion and suppression. He criticized the authorities for alleged inaction despite receiving complaints from various electoral bodies.

In a stark assessment of the situation, Barman warned of a potential decline in voter turnout and called for decisive action to restore faith in the electoral process. He pledged to continue advocating for change and expressed hope for a different outcome in future elections.



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