BJP, CPM and Congress Newly Elected MLAs to Take Oath Tomorrow


Protem Speaker, BJP, CPM and Congress on March 16 and newly elected MLAs of Tipra Motha on March 17 will take oath tomorrow.

Governor Satyadeo Narayan Arya will administer the oath to Panisagar MLA Vinay Bhushan Das as Protem Speaker tomorrow at 12 noon in Raj Bhavan Durbar Hall. A letter has already been sent from Raj Bhavan asking him to take oath. Today Vinay Bhushan Das himself said this.

He also added that on March 16, the newly elected MLAs of BJP, CPM and Congress will take oath in the session room of Tripura Assembly at 11 am. However, the newly elected MLAs of Tipra Motha will not take oath on that day.

He said that the leaders of Tipra Motha said on the telephone that the party MLAs could not take oath on March 16 due to busy schedule. Instead, they will take oath on March 17. On that day, their oath will be read in the lobby of the Assembly. Incidentally, the first session of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of Tripura will begin from March 24.



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