BJP MP Biplab Deb Condemns TMC for Post-Poll Violence, Leads Fact-Finding Mission in Bengal

Biplab Kumar Deb

Biplab Kumar Deb, Lok Sabha MP from Tripura, has condemned the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for allegedly inciting violence against BJP workers in West Bengal following the recent elections. Deb has arrived in Bengal to lead a fact-finding mission aimed at investigating the incidents of post-poll violence that have reportedly affected BJP supporters and members.

The BJP has formed a four-member committee to scrutinize the situation on the ground and compile a detailed report to be presented to BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda. This committee, led by Deb, is tasked with gathering firsthand accounts from victims and witnesses to understand the extent and nature of the violence.

Deb accused the TMC of targeting BJP workers systematically, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. He emphasized the need for a thorough investigation to bring justice to the victims and hold those responsible accountable. “The violence against our workers is unacceptable. We are here to ensure that the truth comes out and appropriate action is taken,” Deb stated during his visit.

In response to these allegations, the TMC has denied any involvement in the post-poll violence, accusing the BJP of spreading false information to tarnish their image. TMC leaders claim that the incidents of violence are being exaggerated for political gain and that their party remains committed to maintaining peace and order in the state.

The committee led by Deb plans to visit several affected areas, meet with the families of the victims, and document their experiences. The findings will be used to highlight the issues at a national level, aiming to prompt a response from central authorities. Deb also called for the cooperation of local law enforcement to ensure a fair and transparent investigation.

Political analysts suggest that this fact-finding mission by the BJP is not only aimed at addressing immediate concerns but also serves as a strategic move to strengthen their position in West Bengal. The state has been a significant battleground for both parties, with the BJP making substantial inroads in recent years.

As the committee continues its investigation, the political climate in West Bengal remains tense. The outcome of this fact-finding mission is expected to influence future political dynamics in the state and could potentially lead to further actions by both the BJP and TMC.

Deb’s efforts underscore the ongoing struggle between the two parties and the BJP’s commitment to supporting its workers amid allegations of post-poll violence. The report, once submitted to Nadda, is anticipated to shed light on the situation and guide the party’s next steps in West Bengal.



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