BJP Set to Expand Footprint in Northeast, Exit Polls Predict Tripura and Nagaland Wins


According to an aggregate of four exit polls, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is predicted to make significant gains in the northeastern states of Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya. The exit polls show the BJP’s alliance government with the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) will come to power in Nagaland, while winning at least seven seats in Meghalaya. The BJP is also expected to win in Tripura, although with a potentially lackluster performance compared to its 2018 win.

The Congress, on the other hand, is predicted to face significant setbacks in the northeast, with exit polls indicating only one seat win in Nagaland and six in Meghalaya, where it was the single-largest party in the previous election. However, it is important to note that exit polls have been known to be inaccurate. The vote counting for all three states will take place on Thursday.

In Tripura, an aggregate of exit polls predicts the BJP may secure 32 seats, just above the majority mark of 31 out of 60 seats. The Left, which ruled Tripura for over 30 years, is expected to win only 15 seats, while the Congress is unlikely to make any significant gains despite forming an alliance with the Left for this election. The newly-formed Tipra Motha party, demanding Greater Tipraland, is expected to win 12 seats and could hold the balance of power.

In Meghalaya, the exit polls indicate a tight race, with the National People’s Party (NPP) likely to emerge as the single largest party with 20 seats. The BJP, which won only two seats in the previous election, is expected to marginally expand its tally to six seats. The Congress and Trinamool Congress are both predicted to win six and 11 seats, respectively. The numbers suggest that even if the BJP revives its alliance with the NPP, it will not be enough to secure a majority, leaving the Trinamool Congress as a potential kingmaker.

Overall, the exit polls suggest that the BJP is set to expand its footprint in the northeast, with wins in Nagaland and Tripura, and a larger share of seats in Meghalaya. However, as always, only the actual vote counts on Thursday will determine the true outcome of these elections.



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