BJP will keep Working Towards the Progress of State, says PM Modi After BJP’s Win


Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a statement praising the BJP’s win in Tripura and attributing it to a mandate for progress and stability. He also expressed his pride in the efforts of the BJP workers in the state and affirmed that the party’s government in Tripura will continue to promote growth. Thanking people of the state, he added, “I am proud of all Tripura BJP karyakartas for their spectacular efforts at the grassroots.”

It appears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed gratitude to the people of Nagaland for giving the NDPP-BJP alliance another opportunity to serve the state. He also praised the efforts of party workers and stated that the “double engine government” will continue to work towards the progress of the state. In regards to the Meghalaya polls, he thanked those who supported the BJP in the assembly elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a statement expressing his commitment to enhancing the development trajectory of Meghalaya and empowering its people. He also expressed gratitude towards the party workers for their hard work in the state.”We will keep working hard to enhance the development trajectory of Meghalaya and focus on empowering the people of the state. I am also thankful to our party workers for the effort they put,” the prime minister said.

BJP and the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura won in 31 seats, allowing them to return to power for a second consecutive term.



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