Tipra Motha, Sole Owner of Entire Tribal Vote, Almost Wiped Out IPFT


Tripura Assembly Election 2023 Full Results Declared. Pradyot Debbarma’s Tipra Motha was clearly not the ‘kingmaker’. The BJP-IPFT alliance is going to form the government with a clear majority after winning 33 seats. However, Tipra Motha contested the assembly elections for the first time and won 13 seats, becoming the second largest party in the state. Pradyot Debbarma’s Party has taken over the tribal vote bank, which was owned by BJP’s ally Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura or IPFT.

After the results were announced, this member of Tripura’s royal family said that they have the blessings of the people. After this electoral success, they will increase the pressure for a separate state of ‘Greater Tipraland’. Pradyot Debbarma told news agency ANI, “Getting 13 seats is a big deal for us. Our team is only two years old. Today the youngest party in the state has become the second largest party in the state. It would not have happened without the blessings of the people.” . And Tipra Motha has pulled almost the entire tribal vote bank towards themselves, keeping this demand for a larger Tipraland in front of them. In 2018, the IPFT won 8 out of 20 seats reserved for tribals in Tripura by contesting 9. This front of tribals of Tripura has almost disappeared from the assembly. Only managed to retain one seat. Had the BJP not secured a single majority by winning 32 seats alone, the coalition’s government formation would have been in question.

Of course, there were indications that this could happen two years ago. In 2021, the fledgling Tipra Motha Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council or TTAADC won a landslide victory. In this election, Tipra Motha has left behind even the party that ruled Tripura for a long time like CPIM. CPM won 11 seats. And Congress got 3.



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