Friday, March 31, 2023

BJP’s Tripura Election Setback: Six MLAs Resign Over Denied Tickets


The Tripura Assembly Election, held in February 2018, was marked by a series of controversies and unexpected developments. One such development was the resignation of six BJP MLAs, who left the party citing dissatisfaction with the ticket distribution process.

The first resignation came from former minister Biswabandhu Sen, who had been denied a ticket to contest the election. Sen accused the BJP of neglecting the interests of its long-standing workers and favoring outsiders instead. He also claimed that the party had not kept its promise of providing tickets to deserving candidates.

This was followed by the resignation of five more BJP MLAs, who also expressed disappointment with the ticket distribution process. They claimed that the party had ignored the contributions of its loyal workers and had instead given tickets to outsiders with limited experience in politics.

The resignations caused a major setback for the BJP, which was aiming to retain power in the state. The party had been in power in Tripura for the past five years and had been hoping to repeat its performance in the 2018 election. However, the resignation of these six MLAs meant that the party would have to contest the election without some of its most experienced and reliable leaders.

The resignations also caused a rift within the BJP, with some members accusing the party leadership of neglecting the interests of its workers. Some even accused the leadership of ignoring the opinions of its workers and making decisions that favored a select few.

Despite these setbacks, the BJP managed to win the Tripura Assembly Election, forming the government with a comfortable majority. However, the controversy surrounding the resignation of the six MLAs continues to cast a shadow over the party, and has raised questions about the BJP’s commitment to its workers and its ability to manage internal dissent.

In conclusion, the Tripura Assembly Election was marked by a series of controversies, including the resignation of six BJP MLAs who were dissatisfied with the ticket distribution process. The resignations caused a major setback for the party and highlighted the need for the BJP to address the concerns of its workers and ensure that their opinions are taken into account in decision-making processes.

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