Book Review On “Master Your Emotions”


Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings by Thibaut Meurisse is a nonfiction, self-help book with a lot of insights, wisdom, and strategies for taking control of emotions and transforming them into constructive energy. Emotions are things we deal with every day. Unfortunately, most of us are weighed down by negative emotions rather than positive ones and these can come between having dreams and achieving them. In this book, the author teaches readers how to triumph over emotions and use them for their personal growth, sharing a simple formula to transform negative emotions into positive attitudes, offering 31 strategies to cope with depressing situations, and a lot more.

I have read articles and books that deal with emotions, but haven’t read one so detailed and insightful as Master Your Emotions. There are great gems in this book and I particularly loved the author’s take on what affects our emotions, how sleep affects our moods and how to use the body to influence emotions. Readers may be familiar with some of the insights in this book, like changing one’s environment to change one’s emotions but the delivery is what makes it compelling. Literally, from how emotions are formed to transforming emotions into positive energy, to using emotions to transform one’s life, this author offers lessons that are life-changing; eye-openers that everyone needs to pay attention to. In writing that is simple and beautiful and with a voice that is confident and authoritative, Thibaut Meurisse gives readers exactly what they need to deal with emotions.