BookWater is Proud to Announce Space Scientist Padma Bhushan Nambi Narayanan as their Technical Advisor and Brand Ambassador


BookWater Tech Pvt Ltd, which is the world’s first IoT powered water quality delivery platform announced onboarding of space scientist Shri Nambi Narayanan as its advisor and brand ambassador. This underscores BookWater’s aim to be at the forefront of water-tech and will help achieve it’s goal of providing access to safe potable and drinking water for all. This is in alignment with BookWater’s vision of democratizing access to clean and safe drinking water for everyone around the world.

Balachander Govindaraghavan Founder & Director BookWater, Bharath Govindaraghavan Founder & Director BookWater, Nambi Narayanan, Indian Aerospace Scientist, Hariharan Vedamurthy Co-founder BookWater, Sameer Barath Ram Co-founder & Director BookWater

Shri S Nambi Narayanan says “With BookWater, drinking clean water is no longer rocket science. BookWater with it’s connected can technology is solving fundamental problems concerning drinking water. Am happy to be associated with a brand with such noble intent and purpose.”

With the deteriorating condition of ground water and limited access to clean water. India is increasingly relying on bottled water. As per the latest available National Statistical Office’s report, an estimated 12.2% of urban Indian households rely on bottled water for their drinking water needs – up significantly from 2.7% in 2009. Most of this water is sourced through 20L plastic water cans.

But is the water we consume from these 20L CANs safe

There are many aspects to water cans; the material, the usage, the standards, age, storage conditions among others. Many of the cans in which drinking water is stored are not even food grade!

Even leading brands are often counterfeited, and duplicates are prevalent in the market. Even if the cans were of a good quality, they cans are reused so many times that they are “no longer safe” to touch drinking water – the elixir of life.

When water cans are used repeatedly, microcracks form inside the CANs due to stress and UV ray damage. Microorganisms such as algae and fungi embed into these cracks and cannot be flushed out completely even with disinfectants. This is the reason why certain CANs acquire a greenish tinge and effectively put the health of consumers at significant risk. Further, the degrading CANs leech significantly more microplastics into the drinking water since their structural integrity has been compromised. Consuming these microplastics poses several chronic and long-term health effects ranging from potentially life-threatening diseases such as cancer to neurological diseases.

There are multiple reports from both governmental as well as Nongovernmental organizations that describe the issue of contaminated water in 20L containers.

“BookWater is the world’s IoT-powered Quality based water delivery platform”. BookWater offers the most convenient way to get high quality & safe 20L drinking water CANs delivered at your doorstep. With Real time IoT sensors installed in bottling plants,

BookWater’s patent pending technology allows you to scan the QR on your water can and discover the “quality of water packed in your can” through sensors installed at the manufacturing locations. The process also ensures that BookWater’s cans are always genuine and almost impossible to counterfeit.

For the first time in the world, BookWater’s “Connected Cans” also allows you to discover the “number of times your can has been used” and when it will be upcycled just by scanning the QR.

By scanning the QR using the BookWater app on a “Connected Can”, you can also see the Packaged date, TDS levels, NABL certified Laboratory water report and expiry date of the water can.

Each “Connected Can” is tracked throughout its lifetime including filling & distribution to ensure genuineness and total peace of mind.

All “Connected Cans” are responsibly upcycled after 30 uses into T-Shirts and do not end up in landfills and water bodies, thereby enabling a “Circular Economy.”

BookWater in its vision to be an environmentally responsible platform, is against single use plastics. Every can of ours gets a new lease of life and is upcycled into fiber once its 30 cycle life is complete.

BookWater’s patent pending solution for tracking of quality and the delivery of water Cans is already available in select areas in Chennai and Is available for booking and delivery through the BookWater app on the “Google play store”. The service is also available as a web application accessible through the website





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