Border Success: 744 Apprehended Along India-Bangladesh Border in Tripura 2023


In a notable achievement, the security forces along the India-Bangladesh border in Tripura apprehended a total of 744 infiltrators in 2023. This includes 112 Rohingya immigrants and 337 Bangladeshi nationals, all intercepted by the vigilant Border Security Force (BSF) while attempting illegal entry into India from Bangladesh through Tripura.

Record High Infiltrator Apprehension

The year 2023 witnessed the highest number of infiltrators being nabbed by the BSF in Tripura over the past three years. This underscores the effectiveness of heightened border security measures implemented in the region.

Contraband Seizures: Disrupting Illegal Activities

In addition to thwarting infiltration attempts, the BSF successfully seized contraband items valued at Rs 41.82 crore. The confiscated items included banned cough syrup, cannabis, Yaba tablets, and brown sugar. The security forces also intercepted and seized 4 kg of gold, contributing to the disruption of illicit activities along the border.

Northeastern Vigilance: Tripura’s Border Challenges

Tripura shares an extensive 856-km-long international border with Bangladesh. The geographical location makes it crucial for security forces to maintain a robust presence and employ effective strategies to counter illegal border crossings and prevent the entry of individuals involved in unlawful activities.



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