Tightened Security for Thirteenth Tripura Assembly Session


The Thirteenth Tripura Legislative Assembly gears up for its third session, scheduled to commence on January 5, the Assembly Secretariat is taking proactive steps to ensure heightened security within the premises.

Strict Entry Protocols to Safeguard Order

In preparation for the upcoming session, the Assembly Secretariat has issued a notification outlining stringent entry protocols. Access will be granted exclusively to individuals and vehicles with valid permits, except man-driven rickshaws. Members of the Legislative Assembly, media representatives, and staff are required to present their identity cards or valid permits to security personnel stationed at the entrance.

Streamlined Entry Process for Efficiency

To streamline the entry process, individuals entering the premises—including members, media personnel, and Legislative Assembly staff—must travel without a co-passenger in their vehicles, provided they possess a valid permit. Notably, personal bodyguards accompanying Assembly members will be exempt from requiring a separate permit for entry.

Prohibited Items and Restrictions Within the Assembly Hall

To enhance security within the Assembly hall, specific items are strictly prohibited. Visitors, government employees, media personnel, and Assembly staff are prohibited from carrying bags or any objectionable items into the assembly hall. Additionally, the use of mobile phones has been banned within the assembly hall during the sessions.

Ensuring Smooth Legislative Affairs Amid Security Measures

These stringent security measures are implemented to facilitate a smooth and secure functioning of the Thirteenth Tripura Legislative Assembly’s third session. The objective is to enable members to conduct legislative affairs without compromising safety and decorum within the Assembly premises.



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