Breakthrough in Cardiac Care: AGMC & GBP Hospital’s Triumph Over Rare Heart Disease


In a remarkable medical milestone, the Cardiology Department of Agartala Government Medical College and GB Pant Hospital has achieved success in treating a rare and complex heart disease. Led by expert cardiologists Dr. Rakesh Das and Dr. Anindya Sundar Trivedi, the team performed a groundbreaking surgery on Mithu Karmakar, a 46-year-old resident of Agartala.

The journey began when Mr. Karmakar presented with concerning symptoms, including pain in both legs, ulceration of the right toe, and walking difficulties persisting for the past six months. Recognizing the severity of the case, specialists in the Cardiology OPD conducted a series of tests that unveiled a rare disease – the narrowing and closing of the main blood vessel, the common iliac aorta.

Director of the Health Department, Supriya Mallick, emphasized that the treatment for this condition is known to be expensive in private institutions. However, the dedicated team at AGMC & GBP Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Das and Dr. Trivedi, successfully executed a complex surgery to address the rare disease. The surgical team also included the expertise of cardiac anesthesia specialists Dr. Surjit Pal and Dr. Manimoy Debbarma, along with a group of committed junior doctors from the cardiology department.

Mr. Karmakar is currently under observation, and his physical condition is reported to be stable. The patient sought help during the Mukhyamantri Samipeshu program, where individuals meet Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha for assistance. With the support of the Medical Superintendent of AGMC & GBP Hospital and RKS Pharmacy, Mr. Karmakar underwent the necessary surgery.

Expressing gratitude, Mr. Karmakar’s family acknowledged the tireless efforts of all healthcare workers, especially the expert cardiologists, for providing top-notch medical services within the state. This success not only highlights the medical prowess of AGMC & GBP Hospital but also showcases the importance of accessible and advanced healthcare facilities for residents. The triumph over this rare heart disease signifies a significant stride in cardiac care, bringing hope to patients facing similar challenges in the region.



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