Bubagra Speaks on The Oppressive Behavior Against Women Protesters


Bubagra Pradyot Manikya on Thursday shared his unhappiness over the behavior towards the women in Twido protesters. He condemned the Tripura police’s high-handedness on women protesting against a BJP leader and exhorted his party supporters to fend off such attacks, and also clarified that the demand for unity is not against any community but to bring all the Indigenous people together.

During his visit to Twido in Gomati District, Bubagra Pradyot Manikya was speaking to party women workers who sustained injuries due to tear gas shelling and lathi-charge by the police on Tuesday. The incident later sparked a political row between BJP and TIPRA, with both parties blaming the other for the incident.

“MP Rebati Tripura has dishonored the Tiprasa women by ordering police to lathi-charge the protesters. This is a shameful act of police high-handedness. Miscreants sheltered by BJP are roaming free; police never initiate any punitive measure against them because of their allegiance to the ruling party. But, when it comes to other parties, the police become hyperactive,” said Bubagra Pradyot Manikya.

Bubagra Pradyot Manikya while speaking with the party workers, urged them to get ready for the ultimate fight and said, “These tactics are not new. The BJP will continue to suppress us by dividing us. They want to create a split within the tribal society by pitting one community against another. The day Minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia spoke in support of Thansa (unity), he was dropped from the state cabinet. When CPI-M leader Jitendra Chowdhury will speak in our support, he will also lose his post. Our call for unity is against the political interest of larger parties.”

Meanwhile, he also clarified that his demand for “unity” is not against any community. “Don’t make mistakes. Bengalis are not against us; Allured by post, power, and money, people of our community are betraying us. We have to be united to reach our ultimate goal of Greater Tipraland,”