Buddhist Festival Kathin Chibar Dab Celebrated In Agartala


Kathin Chibar Dan is a special festival for Buddhists. Kathin Chibar Dani festival was celebrated at Benubon Vihar on Sunday.

A Large number of Buddhists joined the 45th Kathin Chibar Dan festival this morning. Kathin Chibar Dan is a Buddhist ritual. On this day, monks are given clothes.

According to Buddhist Beliefs, this chibar donation is the best of all donations. The word ‘Chibar’ means the clothes worn by monks. Householders donate these clothes to monks.

But not all monks can wear chibar; Chibar can be used only by those who have completed the quarterly monsoon.

The reason why the word ‘Chibar dan’ is associated with the word ‘Chibar dan’ is that the work of spinning, weaving, cutting, sewing and dyeing, washing, and drying the Chibar dan is done from sunrise of the day to the next sunrise. Within that time, the monks have to donate this chibar.

Apart from this, there are some other rulers, which are quite difficult for both the donor and the receiver to follow. Hence the name of this event is Kathin Chibar, Dan.

These scriptures say about the results of Chibar Donation that the result of a century’s donation or all kinds of donations in the world is not even one-sixteenth part of the result of a single Chibar Donation.

So, from a religious point of view, the importance of Chibar Dan is immense for Buddhists. This gift is beneficial after birth. The festival of Chibar Donation was celebrated at Benubon Vihar on Sunday.

A lot of enthusiasm can be seen among Buddhists around the 45th Tashka Cheebur Dan festival. Benubon Vihar hosts a large gathering of devotees, from prayers to chibar donations.

The monk of Benubon Vihar said about this special day. Various events have been organized in Benubon on Sunday evening as well in Bihar.