A journey that began with a dream and a desire to make a difference in the world of fashion. I’m Ratika Tandon, the founder of Mora Chikankari and here’s my story!!

I came to Mumbai with the goal of making it big in the corporate world. However, life had other plans for me, and family responsibilities took precedence over my career aspirations. But I never lost my passion for achieving something significant, and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Lucknow has always held a special place in my heart, and every trip back home was incomplete without exploring the art of Chikankari. It was on one such trip that I had a chance of interaction with artisans, and their struggles touched me deeply. This experience ignited a spark within me to promote the talent and expertise of Indian craftsmen and offer styles that are comfortable, elegant, and timeless. And that’s how Mora Chikankari was born!

Starting my business was not without its challenges, and the biggest one was scaling it up. Initially, I could only reach a handful of customers through WhatsApp groups. However, the pandemic brought a shift towards online shopping, and this helped me grow my business significantly. Today, Mora Chikankari has over 2500+ happy customers who are a part of our family.

By God’s grace here are some significance milestone achieved within 2 years of my journey. The formation of Lucknavi Andaaz, a Registered enterprise. A Transformation from Lucknavi Andaaz to “Mora Chikankari” as an online brand for customer. Launch of Company Website – Trademark Certification of mora Chikankari. Recently we launched our in house studio.

• At Mora Chikankari we believe in quality at affordable pricing , we ensure the customer recieve the product by the committed time line.(delivery time)

• We help my customer understand their size when they are buying online ,how they can choose the dress as per the occasion and we do customization of color also

• Even after taking finished products from the Karigars, my in house team does quality check in sizing ,extra long loose threads are removed and ironing is taking care by us before delivery to customers

• Introduced “ MORA CLUB ” to our customer, in which we send gift to our club customer on their birthdays.

My mission is to bring the art form of Lucknow to a different level in the industry and give it a mordernized touch. To enter into international trade of Chikankari business. 

My vision is to bring in my own unique designs of chikankari garments in the industry and get them patented.

I would like to thank Anchal Award 24 for selecting me as an awardee and giving me this opportunity.

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