Cachar Police Arrests Three Naga National Council Cadres in Assam


The Cachar Police in Assam has successfully apprehended three cadres associated with the Naga National Council (NNC), shedding light on the ongoing efforts to curb insurgent activities in the region.

The arrests, a result of coordinated intelligence operations, demonstrate the authorities’ commitment to maintaining law and order. The NNC, known for its involvement in insurgent activities, has been under scrutiny, and the recent apprehensions mark a decisive step toward addressing security concerns in Assam.

The three individuals taken into custody are believed to be key members of the Naga National Council, a group with a history of engaging in activities that threaten the peace and stability of the region. The arrests follow a series of investigations and intelligence-gathering operations aimed at identifying and apprehending individuals involved in anti-state activities.

The Cachar Police, in collaboration with other security agencies, acted swiftly on the gathered intelligence, resulting in the successful apprehension of the three NNC cadres. The arrested individuals are now in police custody, where further investigations will take place to gather more information about their activities and networks.

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This development underscores the proactive approach of law enforcement agencies in addressing security challenges in Assam. The concerted efforts to track down and apprehend individuals associated with insurgent groups reflect the authorities’ determination to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in the region.

The arrests also send a strong message to groups engaging in subversive activities, emphasizing that the security apparatus is vigilant and will take decisive action against those threatening the peace and integrity of the state. The Cachar Police, backed by intelligence inputs, continues to work tirelessly to identify and neutralize elements involved in activities detrimental to the security of Assam.

As investigations unfold, the focus will shift to understanding the extent of the Naga National Council’s network and its activities in the region. The arrests mark a crucial step forward in dismantling such networks and disrupting the nefarious plans of groups that seek to destabilize the peace and security of Assam.

This latest development highlights the importance of ongoing cooperation and intelligence sharing among security agencies to address security challenges effectively. The commitment of law enforcement to maintain peace in the region remains steadfast, as they work towards ensuring a secure environment for the residents of Assam.



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