CEC Rajiv Kumar Ensures Working For Free And Fair Elections


In Tripura, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar is focusing on ensuring free and fair elections. Assembly elections are ahead, and the preparations for the election are going tight. Some EC officers came to Tripura to check the election measures in the state. Along with CEC Rajiv Kumar, Anup Chandra Pandey and Arun Goel came to Agartala yesterday.

Lots of meetings and discussions took place yesterday during a one-day visit to Agartala. All political parties and safety officials were present in the meeting with them. CEC Rajiv Kumar said that there is a high number of voters in the state.

In a press conference, CEC Rajiv Kumar said to the media, “We have received some complaints from political parties. We passed instructions to the DMs and SPs to look into every complaint and act in a non-partisan manner.” In another statement, he said, “CEC law enforcement agencies will not only seize drugs, liquor, and cash but also be required to nab the guilty kingpins.”

The preparation for the assembly election is on the go. And for election security about 50 CAPF have already arrived, and 50 more are about to arrive in the Northeastern states.



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