Christmas Cheer in Mizoram: Taxi Drivers Gift Free Rides in Aizawl


In a heartwarming gesture, Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, experienced a surge of generosity with local taxi drivers offering free rides during the Christmas festivities.

Community-Driven Initiative

This altruistic initiative stems from the collective spirit of some Aizawl taxi drivers, aiming to embody the Mizo community’s values of selfless giving, devoid of expectations for rewards.

CM Lalduhoma’s Christmas Pledge

Mizoram’s Chief Minister, Lalduhoma, conveyed a message of inclusivity and goodwill to the people of the state on Christmas Eve. In his customary address, he urged Mizoram’s residents to foster peace and brotherhood during this joyous season.

CM Lalduhoma also disclosed the government’s proactive measures to combat the drug menace in Mizoram, reaffirming the administration’s dedication to ensuring the state’s well-being.

A Christmas Wish for Unity and Joy

In a festive wish, CM Lalduhoma extended greetings for a Merry Christmas, radiating love and joy. Looking towards the New Year, he expressed hope for a time of renewal, unity, and prosperity for the nation, encouraging everyone to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Christmas spirit has permeated every nook and cranny of Mizoram, with both major and minor establishments, including schools, churches, and markets, adorned in festive decorations.

Tightened Security for Peaceful Celebrations

The celebrations unfold, security measures have been heightened across Mizoram to ensure a safe and peaceful Christmas for all residents, preventing any untoward incidents during the festivities.

In this season of giving and celebration, Mizoram exemplifies unity and joy, with taxi drivers and government alike contributing to the festive spirit.



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