Kolkata school hosts first-ever MuseVention


The first-ever MuseVention in India, a mega event of invention literacy, by ISR LIFE, USA, was held at the Science City in Kolkata on 22 December, 2023. The event was organized in partnership with Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Park Circus, and witnessed a huge turnout of about 2000 people and 1000 school students who showcased their innovative projects.

Attended by numerous eminent national and international personalities, the event was aimed to provide a platform for students to display their creativity, interact with mentors and experts, and get inspired to become Future-Ready.

Sr. Rani Jacob, the Principal of Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Park Circus, expressed her delight at the participation of her students in the MuseVention. She said, “Our students have gained a new and inventive mindset from this event, which will help them throughout their lives. They have also learned new skills, made new friends, received recognition for their work, and gained valuable insights.”

Dr. George Panicker, the Founder & CEO of ISR LIFE, USA, said that MuseVention was designed to inspire young minds to become future innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. He said, “ISR supports the development of K-12 students by providing them with hands-on sustainable STEAM experiential learning with the help of Futuristic Technologies. This approach not only enhances their academic growth but also holistically nurtures critical and essential 21st-century life skills and fosters a culture of invention.”

MuseVention is a term that combines “Muse” and “Invention” to describe the creative spark that leads to inventing something new. A muse is a source of inspiration for artistic or intellectual work, often imagined as a divine or supernatural force that stimulates creativity. In ancient Greek culture, the Muses were nine goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences and inspired poets, musicians, and inventors.

‘MuseVention’ is not just an event, it is a celebration of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration. It is an outcome showcased by students who have been learning through ISR STEAM Experiential Learning, integrating and applying knowledge gained especially from their classroom subjects for the past two years, and have presented their inventions and innovations that solve real-world problems augmenting with futuristic technologies such as IOT, AI, Robotics, Design Thinking etc. “We are extremely proud of our students for showcasing their creative innovations without the fear of failure” says a teacher of QMS Park Circus.

The participants of the event were from classes 1 to 8. These students began their preparations for the event in September 2023. They displayed amazing prototypes of inventions and innovations at the MuseVention. Their projects were of global standards and covered a wide range of topics, such as energy conservation, water conservation, traffic engineering, aerospace, disaster mitigation, war zone rescue operation, crop management, health, environment, architecture, city beautification, F1 racing, assistive technologies, art, drone surveillance and many more.

“We are proud to empower and mentor these young minds to be Future-Ready. Our ISR programme helps schools to holistically develop Problem-Solvers through enquiry and research-based, hands-on Sustainable STEAM Experiential Learning embracing a multidisciplinary approach. We also contribute to 8 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by fostering a culture of responsible invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students.” said Dr. George Panicker.

International STEAM Research (ISR) is a leading organization in the field of Sustainable Experiential Learning. It transforms traditional education into a dynamic and engaging experience, empowering students to become active learners, mindful problem solvers, creative thinkers, and innovators. ISR empowers schools across India to facilitate students through hands-on sustainable integrated science, technology, engineering, art & mathematics (STEAM) education with futuristic technologies such as AI, IOT, Robotics, etc.

“ISR is our knowledge partner for STEAM Experiential Learning. As we navigate the present educational landscape, our partnership has lead the way in transforming the way we educate our students, from one that relies on memorising facts to one that fosters creativity, innovation and practical skills. By providing students with opportunities to learn by doing, to engage with real-world problems and to use technology as a tool for learning, we aim to continue to equip them with the competencies they need for the 21st century. This is a significant shift in the pedagogical approach and the learning outcomes of education” said Sr. Rani Jacob.

“We are thrilled and honoured to be part of MuseVention, a prestigious platform where we could share our innovations with the world. Our journey to this event has been full of fun and learning, thanks to the STEAM classes and experts who have guided us with hands-on activities for the last two years. We have developed our skills and creativity through these experiences, and today we are able to show you what we have created” expressed a participant.



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