Bomb Blast Shakes Kangpokpion Christmas Day – Man Injured


In a shocking turn of events on Christmas Day, Kangpokpi in Manipur was rattled by a bomb blast, sending waves of panic through the district.

Victim’s Identity Revealed – Ramesh Bhandari Injured

The explosion, occurring at approximately 9 am, the explosion injured one individual, identified as 36-year-old Ramesh Bhandari from Tinkhai Khunou village in Kangpokpi, a member of the Nepali community. Tragically, he sustained severe injuries, including the loss of one right-hand finger.

Swift Response and Medical Attention

Local authorities promptly responded to the crisis, rushing Bhandari to the Assam Rifles camp in Kangpokpi. From there, they quickly transferred him to the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal for urgent medical care, according to official statements from the Manipur police.

Investigation Launched – Perpetrators Remain Unknown

The community grapples with the aftermath of the blast, law enforcement has mobilized a joint team comprising Assam Rifles and state forces to investigate the incident. Despite the severity of the situation, no individual or group has come forward to claim responsibility for the explosive act.

Ongoing Investigation – Case Registered

Manipur police initiated a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the bomb blast. Authorities are diligently working to piece together the events leading up to this shocking incident, and they have officially registered a case.

In this tense atmosphere, the community awaits updates on the ongoing investigation, hoping for swift justice for the victim and clarity on the motives behind this reprehensible act.



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