Happen Recently Magazine continues to redefine excellence! Magazine’s Team Honored Among 18 Visionary Entrepreneurs at Soumya Singh’s IFCT 2023 Gala Event.


The recently concluded India Fashion Week City Tour, a dazzling extravaganza presented by Dreamzz Makers and orchestrated by the visionary Soumya Singh, has etched an indelible mark on the realms of fashion and creativity. Spearheaded by the silent force behind the event, Event Head Ms. Afreen Mulla, the fashion spectacle unfolded, leaving a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Celebrating the seamless fusion of haute couture and imaginative design, the event showcased the talents of 12 distinguished designers and over 80 stunning models. Amidst the luminaries gracing the occasion, the spotlight shone brightly on the dynamic trio from Happen Recently Magazine – Shubham Pancheshwar, Punam Mhaiske, and Pranita Kawade. Their presence underscored the magazine’s significant role in the fashion media landscape.

Prominent influencers such as Bhookkad Baba, Turbanmirchie, Chef Juliano Rodrigues, and Irfan Shaukat added to the grandeur of the event. Shubham Pancheshwar and the Happen Recently team, serving as the official magazine partner, injected a touch of sophistication, reaffirming their pivotal position as key players in shaping the narrative of fashion.

The prestigious gala, hosted at the opulent Renaissance Club Juhu, not only recognized fashion moguls but also paid homage to influential personalities from diverse fields. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, the Director of SK Builders, garnered well-deserved recognition for his substantial contributions. Joining him in the spotlight were Mr. Vijay Shukla, Vice President of Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Ashok Mehra, Director of Shikara Constructions, both acknowledged for their impactful roles in their respective domains.

The runway, the pulsating heart of the event, showcased the creative brilliance of renowned designers, each bringing a unique flair to the forefront. From Rajveer Singh to Heena Official by Heena, the fashion extravaganza unfolded like a tapestry of innovation and style, captivating the audience and affirming the industry’s vibrancy.

The India Fashion Week City Tour, a perennial source of inspiration, once again proved its mettle as a testament to the dynamism inherent in the fashion industry. Amidst the glitz and glamour, the spotlight found its way to Happen Recently Magazine and its dedicated team. The recognition of this dynamic trio among visionary entrepreneurs at Soumya Singh’s IFCT 2023 Gala Event serves as a crowning achievement, solidifying their leadership in the ever-evolving world of fashion journalism.

As the curtain fell on this spectacular event, the echoes of creativity, innovation, and excellence lingered in the air. Happen Recently Magazine emerged not just as a witness to this grandeur but as an integral part, continuing to redefine excellence in the world of fashion.



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