CID Summons Assam Congress for 3rd Time Over ‘Nyay Yatra’ Investigation

'Nyay Yatra'

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has issued a third summons to the Assam Congress regarding their ‘Nyay Yatra’. This development comes as the CID intensifies its investigation into alleged irregularities surrounding the yatra organized by the state’s main opposition party.

The summons, served to senior leaders of the Assam Congress, demands their appearance before CID officials for questioning. The CID is probing allegations of financial discrepancies and violations of regulations during the ‘Nyay Yatra’, a political campaign aimed at highlighting the party’s promises and grievances.

The Assam Congress has been embroiled in controversy since the inception of the ‘Nyay Yatra’, with accusations of mismanagement and misuse of funds. The CID’s latest summons indicates a deepening scrutiny of the party’s activities, signaling the seriousness of the allegations leveled against it.

The CID’s investigation into the ‘Nyay Yatra’ has been ongoing for several weeks, with officials conducting inquiries and collecting evidence to substantiate the allegations against the Assam Congress. The summons issued to the party leaders underscores the CID’s determination to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable for any wrongdoing.

The Assam Congress, meanwhile, has maintained its innocence and dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. Party leaders have reiterated their commitment to cooperating with the authorities and providing all necessary information to facilitate a fair and transparent investigation.

The ‘Nyay Yatra’, which was intended to galvanize public support ahead of the upcoming elections, has now become a focal point of controversy and scrutiny. The CID’s repeated summons to the Assam Congress reflect the gravity of the situation and the need for a thorough examination of the allegations against the party.

As the investigation progresses, the spotlight remains firmly on the Assam Congress and its leadership. The outcome of the CID’s inquiry will have far-reaching implications for the party’s reputation and electoral prospects in the state.

In the midst of mounting pressure and scrutiny, the Assam Congress faces a critical juncture as it seeks to navigate the challenges posed by the CID’s investigation. The party’s response to the summons and its willingness to cooperate with the authorities will be closely watched as the investigation unfolds.



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