CJ Singh to Release New Romantic Duet Song “Khand”


The Entertainment industry is buzzing with excitement as the captivating CJ Singh is ready to unveil his latest musical masterpiece, “Khand”. The dazzling and triumphant artist, who recently took the world by storm with his awe-inspiring Punjabi Feature Film, “Kali Jotta”, is back to sweep listeners off their feet with this romantic duet.

Joining CJ in his endeavor is the virtuosic Manu Rai, lending her melodic voice to the tune. The lyrical magic has been woven by the lyrical wizard, Niraw, and set to music by the musical maestro, Sarbic Maan. The production of this soul-stirring melody has been masterfully crafted by the talented hands of Sarbic Tunes.

“Khand” is a production of the esteemed Amrit Singh Chahal and will be presented to the world under the prestigious banner of “Vindictive Records”. Get ready to be enchanted, serenaded, and swept away by the mesmerizing harmonies of CJ Singh and Manu Rai in “Khand”.

CJ Singh’s adoring admirers are chomping at the bit for the unveiling of their latest romantic serenade, due to make waves on the Valentine’s Day airwaves. This dulcet duet, featuring CJ Singh’s velvety vocal prowess paired with the sweet siren song of Manu Rai, is sure to leave listeners’ hearts aflutter with its lyrical love letter.

The tune’s mastermind, Sarbic Maan, is a musical maestro who has collaborated with some of the Punjabi music scene’s biggest heavyweights. His musical production house, Sarbic Tunes, is renowned for whipping up ear candy that delights a diverse crowd. The producer of “Khand”, Amrit Singh Chahal, is a seasoned pro with a proven track record of producing chart-topping hits.

“Khand” – the musical collaboration between CJ Singh and Manu Rai – is a symphony of love and affection, set to sweep fans off their feet with its romantic melodies. This musical extravaganza is sure to tantalize the senses and leave listeners breathless with its soul-stirring lyrics and breathtaking music production.

Fans of CJ Singh and Manu Rai are eagerly awaiting the release of this musical opus and are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open for updates on its release through the artists’ and the label’s social media platforms. This ensures that they are always in the loop about the latest news and developments, and will be among the first to bask in the glory of “Khand”.

With Niraw’s thought-provoking lyrics, “Khand” takes us on a journey of love and emotions, capturing the essence of what it means to be in love. The words are a testament to the deep connection that exists between two people and are sure to resonate with listeners, no matter their age or cultural background.

Sarbic Tunes, known for their outstanding music production, has worked tirelessly to create a musical landscape that perfectly complements the lyrics of “Khand”. The music is a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, blending together to form a soundscape that is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Amrit Singh Chahal, with his extensive production experience, has brought his A-game to this project, adding the final touches to what promises to be a timeless masterpiece. With his unparalleled skills, Amrit has transformed “Khand” into a work of art that will be cherished for years to come.

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