Clash During Tripura Elections Leaves 13 Injured


Thirteen people were injured in a violent clash during the ongoing assembly elections in Tripura, leading to allegations of police inaction by opposition parties. The incident took place during the voting process in a polling booth in the state, where supporters of rival political parties clashed with each other.

According to eyewitnesses, the altercation started as a minor dispute between supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Congress-Communist Party of India (Marxist) alliance. The situation quickly escalated into a violent clash, with both sides using sticks and stones to attack each other.

The injured were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. The police have launched an investigation into the incident, but no arrests have been made yet.

Opposition parties have accused the police of inaction, stating that they did not take any steps to control the situation and prevent the violence from escalating. The opposition has also alleged that the police have a partisan approach to the elections, and are biased in favor of the ruling party.

The opposition has demanded that the police take immediate action against those responsible for the violence, and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. The opposition has also called for increased security measures to be put in place during the remainder of the voting process to ensure that the elections are free and fair.

The election commission has expressed concern over the incident and has issued a statement condemning the violence. The commission has also assured the public that it will take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

In conclusion, the violent clash during the Tripura assembly elections has raised serious concerns about the role of the police in ensuring free and fair elections. The opposition’s accusations of police inaction and bias are serious allegations that need to be investigated. The election commission must take immediate action to address these concerns and ensure that the remaining voting process is free from violence and disruption.



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