Cleaning of Akhaura and Kalapania Canals Started


An initiative has been taken to clean the Akhaura and Kalapaniya canals with the help of modern equipment in order to free the capital Agartala from the slums. Protecting the capital city of Agartala from floods during monsoons has become a very challenging issue Every year, water accumulates in the capital city of Agartala, on the one hand, people’s shops and houses are severely damaged, and common people are facing serious problems in commuting.

The current government and municipal authorities have taken special initiatives to protect the people of Agartala city and suburbs from this slum situation. A reputed agency from outside the state has been entrusted with the task of cleaning the Akhaura and Kalapaniya canals. The company is associated with such work in major cities of the country Already, the company has made a lot of progress in cleaning the canal Mayor of Agartala Pur Nigam Deepak Majumder along with the CEO of Pur Nigam along with the corporators inspected the work on Thursday. He said that such special measures have been taken in advance so that water does not accumulate in Agartala during monsoon. He also said that initiatives have been taken to install two more pumps in Agartala city area.



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