CM Manik Saha Admits to ‘Chappa Vote’ in Tripura’s Poll History at BJP Meeting


In a meeting organized by the BJP ahead of the 2023 assembly elections, Chief Minister Manik Saha made a startling admission. He claimed that the upcoming elections would break the record for fair and transparent polling in Tripura’s history, with no rigging or fake vote casting taking place.

This admission, however, has only served to reinforce the ‘Chappa CM’ tag that has been placed on Saha in the past year. The term ‘Chappa Vote’ refers to the practice of casting fake votes during elections, a practice that has plagued Tripura’s political landscape for decades.

Saha’s claim of ‘no chappa’ vote in the upcoming election implies that such practices have been rampant in previous polls, including those held during the BJP’s rule in the state. This admission has drawn criticism from opposition parties, who have accused the BJP of using unfair means to win elections in the past.

The CEO’s recent comments on the state’s election history and the current deteriorating situation may fuel further debate on the issue. However, Saha’s admission serves as a reminder of the challenges that Tripura faces in ensuring free and fair elections.

The upcoming assembly polls will be closely watched, and it is hoped that the state authorities will take all necessary steps to prevent any kind of electoral malpractice. The people of Tripura deserve a transparent and democratic election process, free from any kind of manipulation or rigging.

As the election season approaches, all eyes will be on Tripura, and it is up to the state’s authorities to ensure that the upcoming polls are a shining example of fair and transparent democracy.



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