COCOMI Opposes President’s Rule In Manipur

COCOMI opposes President's Rule in state


The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has vehemently expressed its opposition to the potential imposition of President’s Rule in Manipur, citing concerns over the state’s autonomy and democratic principles.

The COCOMI, a collective platform comprising various civil society organizations in Manipur, has been actively involved in safeguarding the interests and integrity of the state. In light of recent developments, where the imposition of President’s Rule looms over Manipur, the committee has stepped forward to voice its strong dissent.

President’s Rule, also known as Central Rule, is an emergency provision enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It comes into effect when the constitutional machinery of a state faces a breakdown or fails to function effectively. Under such circumstances, the central government assumes direct control over the governance and administration of the state.

However, COCOMI firmly believes that imposing President’s Rule in Manipur would undermine the principles of democracy and encroach upon the rights of the state and its people. The committee argues that it would infringe upon the autonomy and self-governance that Manipur deserves as a distinct entity within the Indian federal system.

In a press statement issued today, the committee expressed concern that the potential imposition of President’s Rule could disrupt the delicate balance of power between the state and central government. COCOMI emphasized the importance of upholding the democratic values and ensuring the active participation of the people of Manipur in the decision-making processes that directly affect them.

The committee further stated that President’s Rule should only be invoked as a last resort, in cases where the constitutional machinery has completely collapsed. It stressed the need for exhausting all possible democratic avenues and mechanisms before resorting to such extreme measures.

COCOMI called upon the central government to reconsider its stance and urged a dialogue-based approach that respects the democratic aspirations of Manipur. The committee emphasized that any decision regarding the governance of Manipur should be made in consultation with the elected representatives and stakeholders of the state, ensuring their active involvement and preserving the democratic fabric of the nation.

As the potential imposition of President’s Rule hangs over Manipur, the COCOMI stands resolute in its opposition, striving to protect the autonomy and integrity of the state. The committee remains committed to its cause, actively engaging in discussions and advocacy efforts to safeguard the democratic rights of Manipur and its people.



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