Congratulations to Team India for this magnificent win : Aditya Tikku


New Delhi: Saturday night saw jubilant celebrations across cricket-crazy India as the national team clinched the T20 World Cup. Fans flooded the streets, waving the tricolour and chanting “India, India” as they gathered at city centres across the country to cheer for the “Men in Blue.”

From Jammu to Hyderabad, Patna to Pune, people were seen hugging and dancing in joy. The nation’s 13-year wait for a world title ended, bringing immense happiness to the crores of cricket fans who passionately follow the game and idolize its players.

In the midst of the excitement, I called Aditya Tikku. Before I could say hello, he exclaimed, “Badhi ho! We won, dear!” His voice was full of patriotism and joy.

During our conversation, Aditya Tikku congratulated the team, saying, “Congratulations to India for this magnificent win. Today, 140 crore countrymen are proud of your fantastic performance. You won the World Cup and also the hearts of crores of Indians. You didn’t lose even one match; that’s no small feat. We have achieved a spectacular victory. Congratulations to everyone.”

Before I could ask about the parliamentary session, he enthusiastically said, “Agya chauga!…. Khush rahiye”



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