Rupaichari PHC Achieves 95% in National Quality Standards

Rupaichari PHC

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha announced the commendable achievement of the Rupaichari Primary Health Centre (PHC) in South Tripura. The PHC has been recognized for its exceptional standards, attaining a remarkable 95 per cent score in the National Quality Assurance Standards Certification. The announcement took place during the launch of Ayushman Bharat Gunvatt Swasthya in New Delhi, underscoring the PHC’s commitment to healthcare excellence.

The recognition highlights Rupaichari PHC’s dedication to maintaining high-quality healthcare services, ensuring that residents of South Tripura receive comprehensive and reliable medical care. Achieving such a high score in the National Quality Assurance Standards reflects the PHC’s adherence to stringent guidelines and protocols aimed at enhancing patient care and safety.

Chief Minister Manik Saha praised the efforts of the healthcare professionals and staff at Rupaichari PHC for their outstanding performance. He emphasized the importance of quality healthcare in improving the well-being of communities and reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting healthcare facilities across Tripura.

The National Quality Assurance Standards Certification is a testament to Rupaichari PHC’s continuous efforts to meet and exceed healthcare benchmarks. It underscores the PHC’s role as a pivotal institution in delivering essential healthcare services to the local population, particularly in rural areas where access to quality medical care can be limited.

The achievement has been welcomed with pride by the residents of South Tripura, who rely on Rupaichari PHC for their healthcare needs. The recognition not only boosts the PHC’s reputation but also instills confidence among patients regarding the quality and reliability of healthcare services available to them.

Looking ahead, the success of Rupaichari PHC serves as a motivation for other healthcare facilities in Tripura to strive for excellence in service delivery. It sets a benchmark for quality healthcare provision and encourages continuous improvement in healthcare practices and patient outcomes.

The recognition of Rupaichari PHC for achieving 95 per cent in the National Quality Assurance Standards Certification underscores its commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services in South Tripura. The accolade reaffirms the PHC’s role as a cornerstone of healthcare excellence and underscores Tripura’s dedication to advancing healthcare standards across the state.



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