Congress in Assam Prepares Tentative Candidate List for LS Polls


In Assam, the Congress party is ramping up preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections by finalizing a tentative list of candidates. The party aims to field strong contenders in key constituencies across the state. The tentative list of candidates includes seasoned politicians as well as fresh faces, reflecting the party’s strategy to balance experience with new leadership. Congress leaders have been holding discussions and consultations to ensure that the final candidate selection aligns with the party’s electoral goals.

With the elections drawing closer, the Congress party is intensifying its campaign efforts and reaching out to voters across Assam. Party workers are actively engaged in grassroots mobilization and voter outreach activities to garner support for Congress candidates.

The selection of candidates is a crucial aspect of the election strategy, as it determines the party’s strength and competitiveness in each constituency. Congress leaders are carefully evaluating potential candidates based on their track record, popularity, and ability to connect with voters.

Selection Of Candidates

In addition to selecting candidates, the Congress party is also focusing on formulating a comprehensive manifesto that addresses the aspirations and concerns of the people of Assam. Moreover, the manifesto will outline the party’s vision for governance and development in the state.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Assam are expected to be highly competitive. With multiple parties vying for victory in each constituency. Congress leaders are confident that their candidate selection process. And campaign strategy will resonate with voters and lead to a successful electoral outcome.

As the election campaign gains momentum, the Congress party is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to regain political prominence in Assam. The tentative list of candidates reflects the party’s commitment to fielding strong contenders who can effectively represent the interests of the people and contribute to the state’s progress.

Also, the Congress party in Assam is gearing up for the Lok Sabha elections with a tentative list of candidates and a focused campaign strategy. With the support of party workers and the backing of voters. Congress aims to make significant gains in the upcoming polls and emerge as a formidable force in Assam’s political landscape.



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