Assam Rifles Seize Heroin Worth Rs 31.6 Lakh


Assam Rifles have seized a significant quantity of heroin with an estimated value of Rs 31.6 lakh. The operation was conducted in a joint effort with local authorities in an ongoing crackdown on illegal drug trafficking activities in the region.

The heroin was discovered hidden in a concealed compartment of a vehicle during a routine inspection at a checkpoint. The swift action by Assam Rifles personnel led to the apprehension of individuals suspected of involvement in the illegal drug trade.

The seizure of heroin worth Rs 31.6 lakh underscores the continued efforts of security forces to combat drug trafficking in the region. The illicit drug trade poses a serious threat to public health and security, fueling addiction and criminal activity.

Assam Rifles remain vigilant in their mission to disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking networks operating in the region. The successful seizure of heroin is a testament to their unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order and safeguarding the well-being of local communities.

More About Investigation

Authorities have launched an investigation to identify the individuals responsible for the attempted smuggling of heroin. Moreover, stringent legal action will be taken against those found guilty of participating in illicit drug trafficking activities.

The seizure of heroin by Assam Rifles serves as a warning to traffickers that their illegal activities will not go unpunished. Security forces remain dedicated to rooting out drug trafficking networks and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all residents of the region.

Further, the seizure of heroin worth Rs 31.6 lakh by Assam Rifles highlights the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and protect communities from the harmful effects of illicit drugs. Through coordinated operations and vigilant enforcement, security forces continue to disrupt and dismantle criminal networks involved in the illegal drug trade.



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