Counting Officials Training Concludes for General Elections 2024 in Gangtok District

counting officials

In Gangtok district of Sikkim, preparations for the upcoming General Elections 2024 are well underway as the training for counting officials concludes successfully. The second phase of training, held at the DAC Gangtok’s Conference Hall, witnessed the participation of 116 counting officials. The objective of this training was to equip the officials with the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate a smooth and efficient counting process during the elections.

The training sessions covered various aspects related to the counting process, including the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs), the role and responsibilities of counting officials, the procedures for counting and tabulation of votes, and the protocols to be followed to ensure transparency and accuracy in the counting process. The officials were also briefed on the legal provisions governing the counting of votes and the protocols to be followed in case of any discrepancies or challenges during the counting process.

The successful conclusion of the training reflects the commitment and preparedness of the election authorities in Gangtok district to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections. By providing comprehensive training to the counting officials, the authorities aim to minimize the chances of errors or irregularities during the counting process and ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

As the General Elections 2024 draw closer, the election machinery in Gangtok district is working tirelessly to make all necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the elections. The training of counting officials is just one aspect of the extensive preparations being undertaken to ensure that the electoral process is conducted in a transparent, impartial, and efficient manner.

With the conclusion of the training for counting officials, the focus will now shift to other crucial aspects of election preparedness, including the deployment of security personnel, logistics arrangements, voter education campaigns,and protocols to ensure the safety of voters and election officials alike.

As citizens await the upcoming elections with anticipation, the successful completion of the training for counting officials in Gangtok district marks an important milestone in the journey towards conducting free and fair elections and upholding the democratic principles of the nation.



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