Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Skips Tripura Assembly Polls


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi skips the assembly polls in Tripura. This was the first election after he started his “Bharat Jodo” yatra. In Tripura, the Congress party paired with CPI-M for challenging the BJP party. Rahul Gandhi these days is not paying attention to any election. He is nowadays busy with his Bharat Jodo yatra.

Currently, Rahul Gandhi is in Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, and there he is camping and skiing. Being in Jammu and Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi asked on Facebook and appealed to Tripura people to vote for his party. Talking about his plans, Rahul Gandhi is set to visit Cambridge University. He Tweeted, “Looking forward to visiting my alma Cambridge University and delivering a lecture at @CambridgeJBS.”

Rahul Gandhi Congress party got a new persona with his Bharat Jodo Yatra. And many people were hoping to see him appear in the state for a campaign. Because he recently has gone to other states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand. His sister Priyanka Gandhi too did not campaign in Tripura.

While the opposition party that is BJP party members including PM Modi, and Amit Shah were seen doing a campaign in Tripura.



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