Constable Reached Tripura in Love with Facebook Friend Taken Hostage


A constable who was in love with a Facebook friend was taken hostage by the girl’s family members in Tripura. The constable had left after saying that he had to go home from urgent work after taking five days leave. The Tripura government informed the DGP’s office. On this, the officers have started the investigation by writing the report (non-attendance) of the constable.

A constable posted in Karari Kotwali became friends with a Facebook friend. The girl was a resident of Tripura. Love blossomed on Facebook itself and the soldier was anxious to meet her. On December 4, the constable had left saying that he would go home after taking five days leave. He was sent from the police line on 5th December. Meanwhile, the Tripura government informed the DGP office of the state that the constable has started loving a girl from their place through Facebook. He has come to Tripura to meet the girl. Here the family members of the girl pressurized the soldier to get married.

If sources in the police department are to be believed, the girl’s family members took her hostage when the constable refused. The matter was informed to the Tripura Police. When the police investigated, the matter turned out to be true. When this information was given to the DGP office, the officers of the district started getting phone calls from there. In the investigation, it was found that the constable’s leave is approved only till December 10.

Even after this, he did not get the arrival till Sunday. Regarding this, a report (non-attendance) has been lodged against the constable on Sunday. There is a lot of discussion in the department regarding the incident. If departmental sources are to be believed, the constable has given consent to marry. He will marry the girl soon. On this condition, the Tripura Police has not registered a case against him at present. After the incident, the officers of the district are not ready to speak anything at the moment.