CPIM Accuses Returning Officer of Bias, Writes to ECI


The Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Tripura has taken formal action by lodging a complaint with the Chief Election Commissioner, accusing the Returning Officer (RO) Vishal Kumar of bias during the nomination process for the Lok Sabha election in the West Parliamentary Constituency.

Jitendra Chaudhury, the leader of the opposition and MLA, penned a letter outlining the CPIM’s concerns regarding discriminatory behavior witnessed during the nomination proceedings.

The letter specifically highlighted an incident where the BJP candidate, Biplab Kumar Deb, was purportedly accompanied by a large group of 30 to 40 individuals inside the RO’s chamber, contravening statutory rules limiting entry to five persons, including the candidate.

CPIM contends that despite knowing the prohibition, the RO allegedly allowed the crowd into the office without objection, raising questions about fairness.

CPIM also referenced alleged instances of bias during Assembly bye-elections in Boxanagar and Dhanpur Assembly Constituencies in 2023, where Vishal Kumar served as the District Electoral Officer.

Expressing concerns about impartiality, CPIM urged the Chief Election Commissioner to intervene and ensure a fair electoral process for all contestants.



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