CPIM Exposes Voting Discrepancies in West Tripura Poll


Jitendra Chaudhury, Leader of Opposition, addressed a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, shedding light on discrepancies in the polled votes during the West Tripura parliamentary election. He emphasized the need for a re-poll to uphold the people’s mandate and protect democracy’s integrity.

Voting Discrepancies

Chaudhury pointed out inconsistencies in two assembly segments’ voting records. In the 10-Majlishpur Assembly, the total votes polled were 574, exceeding the total number of registered voters at 545. Similarly, in the 5-Kayerpur Assembly, 1292 votes were polled against 1290 registered voters.

These irregularities raise concerns about the fairness and transparency of the elections for the 1-Tripura East Parliamentary Constituency and the bye-election for the 7-Ramnagar Assembly Constituency. Chaudhury argued that such discrepancies suggest the elections were not conducted freely and fairly.

Chaudhury stated that these discrepancies could only occur if the booths were captured and rigged in an organized manner. He justified the Left Front and INDI Bloc’s demand for countermanding both elections and arranging a fresh poll to uphold the people’s mandate and maintain the sanctity of democracy.



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