CPI(M) Workers Demand Safe Return of Ousted Families, Seek Police Action


n a display of frustration over the alleged inaction of the police, a significant number of CPI(M) workers and supporters, led by the party’s Sadar subdivisional committee secretary, Subhasish Ganguly, staged a prolonged demonstration in front of the office of SP (West), Kiran Kumar. The protesters demanded that the police administration take immediate measures to ensure the safe and smooth return home of 31 families who were forcibly ousted from their homes by alleged BJP miscreants in the aftermath of the elections.

With mounting complaints about the lack of action from the police, the CPI(M) workers and supporters gathered outside the SP (West) office, shouting slogans and wearing placards with inscribed messages. After an hour-long demonstration, SP Kiran Kumar invited the demonstrators and leaders for a discussion. A four-member delegation from the CPI(M), comprising district secretary and former MLA Ratan Das, subdivisional secretary Subhasish Ganguly, secretariat member Rupa Ganguly, and north Agartala local committee secretary Biton Das, engaged in a conversation with the SP.

Following the meeting, Subhasish Ganguly briefed the media about the outcome. He stated that the SP had patiently listened to their concerns and assured them of taking appropriate measures to ensure the safe return of the displaced families. Ganguly added that they had provided the SP with a list of the affected families and warned of more vigorous agitation if the families were not restored to their homes promptly.

The incident revolves around allegations of post-election violence, specifically targeting 31 families residing in Swami Vibekananda Abasan (society) and Gorkha Basti area. According to the CPI(M), these families were forcibly evicted from their homes by individuals affiliated with the BJP. The situation escalated due to perceived inaction from the police, prompting the CPI(M) workers and supporters to take to the streets in protest.

The demonstration outside the SP (West) office served as a platform for the CPI(M) to raise their concerns, as they sought justice and the restoration of the displaced families to their homes. The presence of placards and slogans emphasized their dissatisfaction with the alleged lack of police intervention in the matter.

With the intervention of SP Kiran Kumar, there is a glimmer of hope for the affected families. The assurance given by the SP during the discussion with the CPI(M) delegation suggests that the police administration acknowledges the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action. However, it remains to be seen how effectively the promised measures will be implemented to facilitate the safe return of the displaced families.

The CPI(M) delegation’s warning of intensifying the agitation if their demands are not met underscores the significance of the issue and the determination of the party to ensure justice for the affected families. As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on the actions taken by the police to address the concerns raised by the CPI(M) and to provide a resolution that upholds the principles of justice, security, and social harmony.

The demonstration led by CPI(M) workers and supporters highlights the grievances of 31 families who were allegedly forcibly ousted from their homes in the post-election violence. The protest aims to draw attention to the perceived inaction of the police in ensuring the safe return of the affected families. The subsequent discussion between the CPI(M) delegation and SP Kiran Kumar offers hope for a resolution, with the assurance of action to address the issue. The outcome of these developments will determine the course of future actions and the restoration of justice for the displaced families.



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