Tripura Minister Sudhangshu Das Promotes Employment Opportunities for Youths


Tripura’s Animal Resource Development, Fisheries, and SC Welfare Minister, Sudhangshu Das, is taking proactive steps to create employment opportunities for unemployed youths in the state. Recognizing the government’s limitations in providing jobs for all, Minister Das is facilitating financial assistance and scholarships for students and offering up to Rs 1 lakh to help unemployed youths become self-reliant.

During his visit to South Tripura district, Minister Das emphasized the government’s efforts to support higher education students and unemployed youths. The departments of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development are collaborating to provide financial sustainability to youths upon completion of their higher studies. This opportunity extends even to those who have missed the application deadline for jobs.

Understanding the challenges of providing government employment to all, Minister Das is working tirelessly to explore employment prospects through these departments. On his second day in South Tripura, he visited a pig farm in Santirbazar sub-division and met with a Self-Help Group (SHG) assisted by the Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission (TRLM). The SHG, consisting of 20 members, expressed optimism about the profitability of their pig farming venture in the coming months.

Minister Das emphasized his commitment to increasing the production of milk, eggs, fish, and meat, and he acknowledged the joint efforts of officials, employees, and the people of the state in achieving this goal.

However, during his visit, Minister Das discovered that the veterinary office in Bir Chandra Manu was locked after 12 noon. Expressing his disappointment with the government employee’s negligence toward the public, the minister promptly instructed higher officials to issue a showcause notice to the absent official, demanding an explanation for their absence. In response, the Principal Veterinary Officer of TTAADC issued a letter to Sukanta Debbarma, ARDA, SMSC of BC Manu, seeking a response by May 24 regarding the unauthorized absence.

Minister Das also visited the SC Boys Hostel and Santirbazar Class XII School, demonstrating his commitment to interacting with officials and the public through regular field visits. He announced his plan to spend two days each month in every district, dedicating the first day to discussion meetings with department officials and the second day to engaging with the people through field visits.

In addition, Minister Das inaugurated the ‘Pisciculture Knowledge Centre,’ which includes the ‘IMC Hatchery’ and ‘Laboratory Building for Gene Bank’ at the National Fish Seed Farm in Muhuripur, Santirbazar sub-division. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Minorities Welfare Minister Sukla Charan Noatia, MLA Pramod Reang, and Secretary BS Mishra.

The initiatives undertaken by Minister Sudhangshu Das reflect the government’s commitment to empowering the youth and promoting self-reliance. By providing financial assistance, scholarships, and supporting ventures such as pig farming, the government aims to address the challenges of unemployment in Tripura. The minister’s dedication to increasing production in the animal resource and fisheries sectors further demonstrates the government’s efforts to boost the state’s economy and create sustainable livelihoods for its citizens.



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