CPM Worker Abducted in Charilam Returned Home Unharmed


The incident of disappearance of CPIM workers in Charilam caused a great stir in the public mind. Was it finally possible to rescue him from the forest? CPIM Worker Missing in Dakshin Charilam At 8:30 AM on Monday, the news of the disappearance of the CPM worker caused intense tension in the entire area. It is known that the CPIM worker was sitting in front of a local shop in the area and talking with his friends at 8:30 on Sunday night. Suddenly a car stopped in front of the shop And as soon as the car stopped, CPIM worker Liton Saha went missing since he moved away from there. Liton Saha’s family broke down in tears as he went missing Liton Sahar’s younger brother gave details Liton Saha from Krishnanagar area was taken to deep forest in Kamraj area by three to four miscreants with cloths on his face.

Throws him unconscious in the deep forest in Kamraj area with spray in his mouth Liton Saha was spotted by a man while passing through a forest in Kamraj area at 9.30 am on Monday. Inform the family members On hearing the news, he quickly rushed to the spot and rescued Liton Saha from the deep forest and brought him home Liton Saha told the media.