Drug Dealer Caught Red-Handed in Vishalgarh


Local residents arrested a drug dealer in Madhya Lakshmi Bill area of Vishalgarh and handed it over to the police. Locals arrested a drug dealer with a container of brown sugar in Madhyalakshibil of Vishalgarh and handed it over to the police of Vishalgarh police station. The incident happened on Monday at 12:30 PM A drug dealer named Maman Mia of Charilam area was arrested by Madhyalakshi Bill locals while buying two containers of brown sugar from a person’s house near Vishalgarh Officetila Hospital and taking them to sell elsewhere. Locals arrested him and handed over two containers of brown sugar to Vishalgarh police.

Vishalgarh police head constable and TSR jawans rushed to the spot and brought the arrested drug dealer along with brown sugar to Vishalgarh police station. However, drug dealers are constantly carrying on their drug trade in Officetila Hospital area under the guise of the ruling party. Brown sugar, yaba tablets, drug injections are spreading across the Vishalgarh sub-division in such a way that the youth is getting destroyed in no time. Locals demanded the police to take strict action in this regard.