Crackdown on Illegal Brick Kilns: 41 Show-Cause Notices Issued in Assam’s Kaliabor

brick kilns

Illegal brick kilns has commenced in the Samaguri revenue circle areas of Kaliabor sub-division in Assam. Out of the 47 brick kilns operating in the region, a staggering 41 have been found to be operating without the necessary approvals. This revelation has prompted authorities to issue show-cause notices to the owners of these illegal establishments.

The enforcement action comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the district administration to curb illegal industrial activities and promote environmental sustainability in the region. Illegal brick kilns pose a significant threat to the environment, as they often operate without proper pollution control measures, leading to air and soil pollution, deforestation, and depletion of natural resources.

The issuance of show-cause notices to the owners of these illegal brick kilns serves as a stern warning against flouting environmental regulations and operating without the required permits. It sends a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated, and strict action will be taken against violators.

Authorities have emphasized the importance of adhering to environmental laws and obtaining the necessary approvals before establishing and operating industrial facilities such as brick kilns. By doing so, businesses can ensure compliance with environmental regulations, minimize their impact on the environment, and contribute to sustainable development.

The crackdown on illegal brick kilns in Kaliabor underscores the government’s commitment to protecting the environment and promoting responsible industrial practices. It also reflects the proactive stance of the district administration in addressing environmental challenges and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Moving forward, authorities are expected to closely monitor the operations of brick kilns in the region and take appropriate enforcement actions against violators. This includes imposing penalties, shutting down illegal establishments, and implementing stricter regulations to prevent the proliferation of unauthorized industrial activities.

In conclusion, the issuance of show-cause notices to 41 illegal brick kilns in Assam’s Kaliabor sub-division signals a crackdown on unauthorized industrial activities and underscores the importance of environmental compliance. It serves as a reminder to businesses and individuals to operate within the bounds of the law and prioritize environmental stewardship in their operations.



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