CRIO Furniture: Central India’s Leading Furniture Brand


Central India is a popularly known as the heart of our India. A region with discovering mesmerizing nature to the growing industry that contribute to our countries growth.

A furniture brand that is setting ne benchmarks in the furniture industry. CRIO Furniture, with its commitment to quality, exceptional designs, quick actions for innovations, meeting customer requirements, durability and dealer’s satisfaction.

With more than +40 years of experience in furniture world industry Mr. Parmanandji Dhawrani established Shiva Selection in Paratwada in the year 1980. Later he established own furniture manufacturing unit and brand known as CRIO Furniture.

CRIO Furniture is a Central India’s Leading Furniture Brand, Furniture manufacturer located in Paratwada, Dist. Amravati and well known for the flawless quality in furniture systems. CRIO takes immense pride in its skilled craftsmanship and excellent designs of their furniture with setting high standards of craftsmanship ensuring that every piece of furniture is a work of art.

CRIO Furniture has exceptional designs that seamlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary aesthetics. The brand understands the importance of completing customer requirements by proving excellent designs, modern styles, durability, affordability and best quality well equipped hardware accessories on their furniture.

Exceptional Furniture Categories:

CRIO Furniture offers a diverse range of options with great categories of furniture portfolio that fulfilled customer requirements. The commitment to quality in every type of furniture category is great. CRIO manufactures furniture’s such as, Bedroom Sets, Office Tables, Study Tables, Computer Tables, Wardrobe Sets (2 Door Wardrobes, 3 Door Wardrobes and 5 Door Wardrobes), LED TV Units, Dressing Tables, Mandir Furniture, Book Cases, Coffee Tables, Side Boards, Shoe Racks, etc.

Customer Centric Approach:

CRIO Furniture places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. From delivering them a best piece of furniture to value their space and making their experience delightful. From the moment customer walks into the showroom and selecting CRIO can make them fulfilled all their requirements. The commitment to attentive customer service, timely delivery, and after-sales support sets CRIO apart as the best furniture manufacturer and furniture brand in the Central India.

Furniture Dealership Network across Central India:

CRIO Furniture has wide furniture delivery network across Central India with over +50 furniture dealers including states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Gujrat, Chhattisgarh and growing rapidly. CRIO sets increasable working environment with their dealership network that makes business with CRIO a value for money and value for space with relation of lifetime. CRIO shares important guidelines with their dealers that makes furniture selling more standard by providing guidance on selling furniture even sales executive can also sell the products and providing promotional stuffs such as flyers, social media marketing, danglers, pamphlets, catalogues, banners and posters that makes showroom more attractive and getting customer attentions.  

If you will compare CRIO Furniture with Local Furniture then you will find many differences based on the quality, durability, premium features, designs and much more.

If you want to contact about dealership and know more details on CRIO Furniture Dealership Contact on +91-8001208002 with our executive.



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