Crypque India Felicitated with Brands Impact Golden Glory Award 2023


In 2022, Crypque was established by four daring tech enthusiasts with the aim of revolutionizing the Web3 era among the people of India.

(L-R) Parineeti Chopra, Abhishek Bhandari, Ankit Bhasin, Anshit Jindal and Sidharth Shukla from Crypque India at Golden Glory Awards 2023

On June 24th, Brands Impact organized the Bollywood Edition of the Golden Glory Awards 2023 at the Leela hotel in Mumbai to acknowledge and celebrate remarkable achievements. During the ceremony, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra presented Crypque with the award for “Most Trusted Web3 Education Brand of the Year.”

At the forefront of blockchain, cryptography, and Web3 solutions is Crypque, led by the quad squad of blockchain and tech enthusiasts Sidharth Shukla, Abhishek Bhandari, Ankit Bhasin, and Anshit Jindal. Their primary challenge and area of impact is to make digital tokens/coins more user friendly and accessible to millions, thus laying the groundwork for financial liberation through education.

Despite their diverse backgrounds and different positions in the company, all four of Crypque executives are keen on technology.

Sidharth Shukla is a mechanical engineer by profession and a connoisseur of the Web3 industry. He is an expert in P&L management, operations, marketing, and multi-channel technology design, and has founded and led several successful businesses, including Trade Turtles.

We are more than just another Tech supporter,” shares Crypque Sidharth. “Our young, vivacious, and outperforming team at Crypque is working relentlessly to create an inclusive community encouraging them to gain from our cutting-edge products,” he adds.

Abhishek Bhandari, the Chief Managing Officer of Crypque, holds degrees in healthcare administration and international business management and is presently pursuing post-graduation studies in blockchain. He was an early learner of the blockchain era and founded one of the biggest Bitcoin mining operations in Dehradun in 2016.

Ankit Bhasin possesses significant expertise in the corporate sector, having specialized in establishing and expanding commercial enterprises. He spent 18 years as the vice president of human resources for several global corporations, including GENPACT, and is thoroughly fascinated by the potential of the Web3 ecosystem.

Anshit Jindal holds an MBA in Finance & Marketing and has 12 years of exceptional experience in the technology and automotive sectors. He is an authority in entrepreneurship, business planning, organizational leadership, team leadership, and business intelligence.

Crypque has created a state-of-the-art ecosystem that enables users to utilize their Web3 money in everyday transactions such as utility service payments, UPI, IMPS, P2P buying and selling, as well as credit card and insurance premium payments or as may be prescribed by the respective in future.

Crypque offers a wide range of services, including distributed ledger tech, app training, web design & training, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and many others, to assist businesses in expanding their online and social media presence. Furthermore, offer value-based education, both in a practical and theoretical sense. The companys innovative ideas and products have earned it the Golden Glory Award 2023. Crypque is poised to revolutionize the Web3 world in India, providing millions of people with financial independence and flexibility in the years ahead through education and awareness.





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