Culinary Gems of North East India: 5 Unexplored Cuisines


The North East region of India is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines that often remain undiscovered by the mainstream culinary scene. Here, we delve into five unexplored cuisines that showcase the rich culinary heritage of this vibrant region.

  1. Naga Cuisine:
    Flavors from the Hills
    Naga cuisine, originating from the Naga tribes, is characterized by its bold use of locally available ingredients like bamboo shoots, fermented soybeans, and aromatic herbs. Dishes like smoked pork with bamboo shoot and axone (fermented soybean) chutney offer a unique taste of the region’s gastronomic identity.
  1. Mizo Cuisine:
    Simplicity Redefined
    Mizo cuisine, from Mizoram, emphasizes simplicity and natural flavors. Dishes like Bamboo Shoot and Pork Curry, made with locally sourced ingredients, showcase the culinary finesse of the Mizos. Fermented soybeans and herbs contribute to the distinct taste that sets Mizo cuisine apart.
  1. Arunachalee Cuisine:
    Tribal Elegance
    The cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh is a reflection of its diverse tribal communities. Thukpa, a noodle soup, and Thenthuk, a hand-pulled noodle soup, are among the highlights. Locally grown millets, wild leafy vegetables, and bamboo shoot find their way into traditional Arunachalee dishes.
  1. Manipuri Cuisine:
    Savoring the Seven Sisters
    Manipuri cuisine represents the amalgamation of diverse influences from the neighboring states. Eromba, a fiery fish curry with bamboo shoot and herbs, exemplifies the bold flavors of Manipuri cooking. The use of fermented fish and unique spices adds depth to the culinary tapestry.
  1. Tripuri Cuisine:
    Rustic Delights
    Tripuri cuisine, from Tripura, is a blend of flavors influenced by the state’s history and geography. Mui Borok, the traditional cuisine, includes dishes like Mui Borok Wak, a smoked pork curry, and Bamboo Shoot and Pork Curry. The cuisine celebrates the use of indigenous ingredients and age-old cooking techniques.

Exploring the uncharted culinary territories of North East India reveals a mosaic of flavors, textures, and aromas that go beyond the conventional. These lesser-known cuisines not only offer a delightful gastronomic experience but also provide a glimpse into the cultural richness of the region. As we venture into these culinary landscapes, we find that each dish is not just a meal but a story, connecting us to the heritage of North East India.



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