Demand For Inquiry Of Up Registered Motorcycles


The CPI-M Jitendra Chowdhury demanded an inquiry about the BJP-owned Uttar Pradesh registered motorcycles that are being run in Tripura.

Chowdhury wrote a letter to chief secretary JK Sinha and the election commission of India demanding a detailed inquiry into the motorcycle. He demanded they find the owner of the motorcycles that are registered in Uttar Pradesh.

The letter stated, “The government has not yet divulged in whose name the bikes are registered in UP, and why the owners allowed those to be transported to Tripura, by whom those bikes were transported to Tripura, by what kind of agreement those were procured and shifted here i.e. by sales deed, donation or on rental basis.”

Chowdhury pointed out that hundreds of motorbikes were parked within the premises of the government-run Bhagat Singh Youth Hostel, near the civil secretariat, for one week.

He added, “Those bikes were ruthlessly misused for repression of the opposition supporter and (for) subverting the democratic rights of the common people.”

Further, he said, “people of Tripura have witnessed ‘terrible attacks’ perpetrated by the bike-borne ‘gangsters’ of the ruling BJP who carried “looting, destroying and arson” of several houses that belonged to the opposition party.”

He also alleged the BJP of looting the voters by using bike-borne terror-mongers in the state.