Deputy CM Y Patton Condemns Church Arson Attempt

Deputy CM Y Patton

Nagaland’s Deputy Chief Minister and leader of the BLP, Y Patton, has vehemently condemned the recent attempted arson attack on a church in Kinunger village, situated in the Mokokchung district. The incident, which targeted the religious institution, has sparked outrage and concern among community members.

Expressing his dismay over the brazen act of vandalism, Deputy CM Y Patton emphasized the need for maintaining communal harmony and respecting religious sentiments. He stressed that such acts of violence have no place in Nagaland’s diverse and inclusive society.

The attempted arson attack on the church has raised questions about the safety and security of religious institutions in the region. Many residents and religious leaders have called for a thorough investigation to identify the perpetrators and ensure that justice is served.

The incident has also underscored the importance of promoting tolerance and understanding among different religious communities. Leaders across the political spectrum have urged for unity and solidarity in condemning acts of violence and promoting peace and harmony.

Local authorities have assured that the matter is being investigated with utmost seriousness, and efforts are underway to apprehend those responsible for the attempted arson. Security measures have been heightened in the vicinity of the church to prevent any further incidents of violence or vandalism.

Community leaders, religious organizations, and civil society groups have come together to condemn the attack and offer support to the affected church and its congregation. Messages of solidarity and support have poured in from across the state, reaffirming the commitment to upholding the principles of religious freedom and mutual respect.

Deputy CM Y Patton has called for a united front in condemning such acts of violence and ensuring that Nagaland remains a safe and harmonious place for people of all faiths. He emphasized the need for collective efforts to foster understanding and tolerance within the community.

In the wake of the incident, authorities have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. They have also emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and tranquility in the region, especially during times of heightened tension.

As investigations into the attempted arson continue, Nagaland’s leadership remains committed to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all its citizens.



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