Develop India Foundation: Driving Positive Change Across Education, Empowerment, Equality, and Environment


Develop India Foundation continues to stand as a beacon of hope, dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the nation through its unwavering commitment across education, empowerment, equality, and the environment.

Develop India Foundation (DIF) proudly unveils its 2023 Annual Report, marking significant strides in fostering socio-economic development across the nation. With an unwavering dedication to closing the “Development GAP,” DIF stands as a shining example of hope, igniting transformative change across a spectrum of sectors including education, empowerment, equality, environment, and community engagement. At the heart of DIF’s success lies the tireless efforts of its co founders Deepak kuma,Seema Mishra ,DIF Team and  400 compassionate volunteers, whose collective impact has touched the lives of approximately 110,000 beneficiaries over the past decade through a myriad of community service initiatives. This milestone underscores DIF’s profound commitment to building a brighter future for all, one empowered by unity, compassion, and meaningful action.


DIF recognizes the transformative power of education and is committed to ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. Through the #Vidyanjali project, DIF provides essential educational support to 200 underprivileged children annually impacting over 2000 young lives during this period . These children receive school Kits including  books, notebooks, stationery, water bottles, lunch boxes,colours  and school bags, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations. Moreover, Furthermore, DIF’s Beti Padhao Beti Bachao campaign has been instrumental in promoting educational equity, offering scholarships for higher education to ten meritorious underprivileged girls each year. This sustained effort has resulted in supporting over 30 meritorius girls in the last three years alone.By investing in education and prioritizing inclusivity, DIF has made significant strides in breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering a society where lifelong learning opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstance.


DIF’s commitment to empowerment is exemplified through its Project Shakti. Dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities and women & youth. DIF supports female entrepreneurs and conducts various networking,pitching and networking sessions in NCR. Financial literacy sessions, career counseling, and self-defense training offered by DIF aim to foster self-sustaining communities and create safer, equitable work environments. Through initiatives like Mahila Bol and Sashakt Nari Sashakt Samaj, DIF advocates for gender equality and empowerment across diverse sectors.

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering Digital Literacy and empowerment, Develop India Foundation is spearheading a transformative initiative by installing smart classes in government schools across the nation. This strategic endeavour is poised to revolutionize the educational landscape, particularly in underserved areas, with far-reaching social impacts.

Empowering Youth with Digital Literacy: The installation of smart classes is a giant leap towards providing students with the essential tools to navigate the digital age. Develop India Foundation’s commitment to digital literacy ensures that the youth, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, are equipped with the skills necessary for success in an increasingly technology-driven world.


DIF is committed to promoting workplace inclusivity and gender equality. Its initiatives, such as financial literacy sessions and advocacy for safer work environments, aim to eliminate gender disparities and foster diversity within the workforce. By supporting the professional development of women and advocating for gender-sensitive policies, DIF contributes to building a more equitable society.


Environmental sustainability is central to DIF’s ethos. Through  awareness initiatives like Paryavaran Sanrakshan and Swachh Bharat, DIF promotes responsible consumption and production practices. DIF Volunteers follow and raise awareness on principles of recycling, reusing, and reducing consumption. This proactive approach not only addresses the urgent issue of textile waste but also provides vital assistance to those in need, fostering a sense of solidarity within the community. By collecting and distributing over 100 wearable items monthly in  Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Patna, Ranchi, Jhansi, and Lucknow, DIF is actively confronting environmental challenges while promoting community engagement in mindful consumption practices. Over the past decade, DIF has distributed more than 15,000 wearable clothes in last 10 years  and 1,000 blankets every year  during winter seasons, exemplifying its dedication to making a positive impact on both environmental sustainability and community welfare.

Community Initiatives:

DIF’s community initiatives, including the monthly FeedThe Needy – Annapurna Sewa feeding 200 + needy patients attendents  around AIIMS DELHI and 200  slum Kids in Noida extension on monthly happiness drives, serving free food to over 5000 needy in a year. Additionally, the foundation’s advocacy extends to Gaur Greencity, Indrapuram, where the innovative “Neki Ki Deewar” initiative encourages residents to contribute their unused items. This communal sharing space becomes a valuable resource for individuals facing financial constraints.

DIF campaigns and ground activities address critical issues like hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation. These initiatives reflect DIF’s commitment to holistic socio-economic  sustainable development Goals  and community welfare.

Supporting Develop India Foundation is not merely a philanthropic gesture; it is an investment in India’s future. Through its multifaceted approach to socio-economic development and community initiatives, DIF is paving the way for a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society. Together, let us work towards maintaining social harmony and fostering the overall development of India.

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