Dharmanagar Municipal Council Launches Anti-Plastic Drive Following Tripura Chief Minister’s Call for a ‘Plastic-Free Tripura’

Dharmanagar Municipal Council Launches Anti-Plastic Drive

Responding to Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha’s appeal for a ‘plastic-free Tripura,’ the Dharmanagar Municipal Council initiated an anti-plastic drive in the city’s markets on Monday. Led by Pradyut Dey Sarkar, the chairperson of Dharmanagar Municipal Council, the campaign aimed to raise awareness among customers and shopkeepers about the detrimental effects of single-use plastic.

On the first day of the drive, the authorities focused on educating people across the markets about the harmful consequences of using plastic, rather than imposing fines. Speaking to reporters, Dey Sarkar emphasized the urgency of controlling the use of plastic polybags to safeguard the well-being of future generations and maintain a healthy environment. He stressed that unless immediate action is taken to curb plastic usage, the well-being of the next generation would be at risk.

During the initial stage of the drive, no fines were imposed, and everyone was given an explanation about the dangers of plastic usage. The focus was on sensitizing the public and encouraging them to adopt plastic-free alternatives.

However, Dey Sarkar made it clear that stricter measures would be enforced in the future, and fines would be imposed on those who continue to use plastic bags. The campaign’s objective is not only to reduce plastic waste but also to foster a collective responsibility towards environmental conservation.

The adverse impact of plastic on the environment has become a matter of great concern worldwide. Single-use plastic, in particular, poses a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems, as it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic pollution has become a global challenge, and governments and communities around the world are taking measures to address this pressing issue.

In Tripura, the call for a ‘plastic-free Tripura’ reflects the state government’s commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable practices. By launching the anti-plastic drive in Dharmanagar, the authorities aim to instill a sense of responsibility and consciousness among the public regarding plastic consumption.

The success of this initiative will depend on the active participation and cooperation of citizens, shopkeepers, and various stakeholders in the city. Encouraging the use of eco-friendly alternatives like cloth bags, paper bags, or reusable containers can significantly reduce the burden of plastic waste on the environment.

Dharmanagar Municipal Council’s anti-plastic drive is a crucial step towards realizing the vision of a ‘plastic-free Tripura.’ By creating awareness and promoting responsible plastic usage, the campaign seeks to protect the environment and create a sustainable future for the state. With the commitment of the authorities and the support of the community, the drive can pave the way for a cleaner and greener Tripura, setting an example for other regions to follow suit in the fight against plastic pollution.



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